• Question: what did you do for a living

    Asked by on 4 Oct 2022. This question was also asked by .
    • Photo: John Blanke

      John Blanke answered on 4 Oct 2022:

      I was an international sales and marketing director. My career started in the 1970s in data communications which by the time I retired in 2005it had became the internet and mobile phone networks.

    • Photo: Connie Mark

      Connie Mark answered on 4 Oct 2022: last edited 6 Oct 2022 00:21

      I’m a former soldier and Ex telecommunication engineer for Mobile phone networks.

    • Photo: Julius Soubise

      Julius Soubise answered on 4 Oct 2022:

      I’m a senior lecturer in American Studies at the University of Manchester.

    • Photo: Olaudah Equiano

      Olaudah Equiano answered on 4 Oct 2022:

      I was a civil servant for many years until I retired in 2016. When my children asked me what I did I told them ‘I run the country’!

    • Photo: Sir William Arthur Lewis

      Sir William Arthur Lewis answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      I am currently training as a teacher and hope to go back to study a PhD at some point in the future.

    • Photo: Anthony O'Connor

      Anthony O'Connor answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      Anthony O’Connor served in the Royal Air force and then became a teacher, deputy head teacher then head teacher.

    • Photo: Walter Tull

      Walter Tull answered on 9 Oct 2022:

      Walter was an apprentice printer before becoming a professional footballer, then a soldier.

    • Photo: Stuart Hall

      Stuart Hall answered on 18 Oct 2022:

      I spent most of my life working as an academic, though I was also an editor of various journals. In academia, I worked especially in cultural studies, which was a new field. I was interested in the ways that humans understand themselves, represent each other, and communicate to one another.