• Question: who is the most historical black figure

    Asked by on 23 Oct 2022. This question was also asked by .
    • Photo: Anthony O'Connor

      Anthony O'Connor answered on 23 Oct 2022:

      I guess it depends what you mean. There are are numerous Black figures that I do not know and it is difficult to pick just one.

    • Photo: Olaudah Equiano

      Olaudah Equiano answered on 23 Oct 2022:

      It does depend what you mean by ‘historical’? If you mean the furthest back in time then I would suggest you look into Septimus Severus who was Roman Emperor from and 193 to 211 which made him the ruler of England. He actually died in the city of York. Of course there were plenty of black people in England even before Septimus but he is arguably the one we know most about. Pretty amazing that England was governed by a black man almost two thousand years ago!