Historians Take Part

This Black History Month, bring history to life for school students across the UK!

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Please sign up by Wednesday 7th September.

In October 2022, give school students the chance to get to know lesser-known historical figures in Black British History through live, text-based Chats as part of I’m History, Get me out of here.

I’m History is a student-led online outreach activity. We are looking for people to share the stories of amazing and often-hidden Black British historical figures.

We’re interested in hearing from people who:

  • Work or volunteer in a history-related role or undertake historical research
  • Are able to accurately tell the story of a historical figure, and answer questions about them
  • We have created a list of historical figures that we’d like to be championed, but we are also open to suggestions of new people.

Empower school students to revisit British history and gain a deeper understanding of Black British history, from Roman Britain to the present day, through narratives that aren’t centered on slavery.

What’s the commitment?

I’m History is a 3-week activity running in Black History Month (October 2022).

When taking part in I’m History, you’ll be:

  • Sharing information about a historical figure on a profile on our website
  • Chatting with students in moderated, text-based Chats
  • Answering students’ follow-up questions

I’m History, Get me out of here is designed to be flexible and work around your schedule, but historians should be prepared to spend a minimum amount of time on the activity:

  • Around 1 hour to create your profile at the beginning of the activity. You may want additional time to research your historical figure.
  • 1 hour each week to take part in a live Chat, and answer some of the students’ follow-up questions.

You can take part more than that if you like.

Chats last 40 minutes and will take place during the school day between 8.40am and 4.30pm. You can choose to take part at times that suit you over the 3 weeks.

The activity is all online and text-only (no audio or video). All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

What people who have taken part in previous Zones say:

“Historians don’t get a lot of time to do things – it was nice to be able to reach so many schools so efficiently, and it was really good to be able to do something meaningful for Black History Month.”
“It’s given me confidence. I usually hide behind the words in my articles and I’m History has pushed me to try different things.”

Find out more:

Questions? Email support@imhistory.uk