• Question: how did your parents die

    Asked by on 4 Oct 2022. This question was also asked by .
    • Photo: Julius Soubise

      Julius Soubise answered on 4 Oct 2022:

      We don’t know what happened to Julius’ parents after he was taken to London aged 10. His mother was a slave, and his father was a white man, probably his owner.

    • Photo: Olaudah Equiano

      Olaudah Equiano answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      Equiano was enslaved as a child and taken across the Atlantic. He never saw his parents again, he would have had no idea what happened to them and we can only imagine how they felt.

    • Photo: Anthony O'Connor

      Anthony O'Connor answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      I do not know how Anthony O’Connor’s parents died but I am still researching his life.

    • Photo: Connie Mark

      Connie Mark answered on 7 Oct 2022:

      We don’t have the details of how Connie’s parents died. I’m unable to answer this question at the moment

    • Photo: Walter Tull

      Walter Tull answered on 9 Oct 2022:

      Walter’s mother died of cancer, Walter’s father died of heart disease, both before Walter was 10 years old.