How I’m History works

I’m History connects students with historians online.

In the activity, students:

  • Read profiles of influential figures from history
  • Chat with historians, championing each figure, in a 40 minute instant-messaging style chat session
  • Ask the historians questions about the historical figures

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For students of all abilities

The activity is led by the students’ questions, so different age groups, ability levels, and backgrounds all get something out of it.

  • Suitable for Year 5/P6 to Year 13/S6
  • Special schools, pupil referral units, and other non-mainstream educational settings
“The students were really engaged – my colleagues have said they were buzzing!” – Jon Hale, Teacher, July 2021


Perfect for blended learning

Everything happens online. 
Students can take part from home or school – all they need is internet access.


Secure experience

No personal details are shared on the site. Only students given access by their teacher can log in. Teachers can also moderate the Chat. 
All interaction is through text – there is no video or audio used – and we moderate all content.

“It helps [to see] students in a different light. Some who are normally very quiet in school became very active in the chat.” – Teacher, May 2020

Guide to Data and Safeguarding ❯

Fits into your timetable

I’m History is a flexible online activity.
Book live chats for the date and time that suits you. Students can log in at any point to read profiles and ask questions.
We suggest spending 2 hours on the activity – one preparation lesson and one live chat session. This can be adapted for your timetable.

“Incredibly easy to set up and run” – Coordinator, April 2020

We’ll let you know when we’re running the next activity.
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