• Question: how did he die

    Asked by anon-1631 on 4 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Julius Soubise

      Julius Soubise answered on 4 Oct 2022:

      He died of the injuries that he got when he fell off a horse that he was training.

    • Photo: Olaudah Equiano

      Olaudah Equiano answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      Most of what we know about Equiano comes from what he himself wrote. He couldn’t write about his own death so we can only guess. There were many diseases in Equiano’s time that could have led to his death, many of those diseases could be treated now by medicines that were not available in 1797.

    • Photo: Walter Tull

      Walter Tull answered on 9 Oct 2022:

      Walter was killed while fighting against German troops on 25 March 1918.

    • Photo: Anthony O'Connor

      Anthony O'Connor answered on 12 Oct 2022:

      Anthony O’Connor it is said, died of ‘old age’.